Union Live makes going out easy Union Live makes going out easy
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Union Live offers Iphone and Android applications with amazing features that provide you the cutting edge features to find and buy tickets of the best clubs, gigs and festivals online at affordable prices. By using Union Live you do not have to be worried about the print of your ticket because Union Live is 100% mobile.

Union Live is 100% reliable, we have the ability to sell out all the tickets in seconds without having any issues of crashing and stress. Union Live also have waiting list feature so if the tickets are sold out then no need to worry, you still have the chance to get one as soon as someone cancels his/her ticket order.

About Union Live

Dress to Impress

Union Live is an online merch store that provides all best quality merchandise at great prices of your favourite artists in the one best place. Union Live has been working for the music lover's for a long time by having the merch of your favourite artists you can come closer to the artists you love.

We provide goods ranging from T-Shirts to pants, sweatshirts to hats and much more from all of your favourite artists, bands and clothing companies.

About Union Live

Watch great live shows

You can watch content of great live performances of your favourite artists in one platform. If you have missed the event of your favourite artist and you want to watch his/her live performance or video and seeking for platform that could provide you such things, then Union Live is the place that you want.

Along with this, you can be up to date about upcoming gigs and events by Union Live. It is the best platform for all music lovers and musicians. Musicians also release their new music videos on Union Live for their music lovers.

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